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Fried Egg, Yam and Fried Plantain | Nigerian breakfast recipe

Fried Egg, Yam and Fried Plantain | Nigerian breakfast recipe

Have tried the Nigerian scrambled egg, yam and fried plantain breakfast combination? If you have congratulations. If you have not you don’t know what you are missing!

(Serves 2. Total preparation time ca. 25 minutes)


Half a tuber of yam (alternatively use potatoes if you can’t find yam)

3 ripe plantains

Sunflower oil

2 fresh tomatoes

4 eggs

Half red bell pepper

1 onion

Salt to taste

Spices of choice

This is a 3-part meal

Part 1 (The yam)

Cut the yam in slices. Peel off the skin and clean with water. Put into a cooking pan. Add clean water  and salt to taste. Boil for ca. 10 minutes until soft.  Pour out any remaining water in the pan and cover to keep warm. Your yam is ready!

Part 2 (The plantain)

Cut the plantains in slant slices and add a bit of salt to taste. Fry the plantains in medium-high heated frying pan with sunflower oil. Flip the plantains after 2 minutes to ensure that both sides are moderately brown and done. Your fried plantain is ready!

Part 3. (The scrambled eggs)

Slice the onion, tomatoes and the red bell pepper. Break 4  eggs in a bowl. Add a bit of spices you like, salt to taste and mix everything together.  Add the sliced onions, tomatoes & red bell pepper to a medium heated frying pan with sunflower oil. Sauté for ca. 1 minute. Add the mixed eggs. Turn the eggs after ca. 2 minutes to ensure both sides are done.

Serve the yam, fried plantains and the scrambled eggs in a plate. Voila!  Your yummy breakfast is ready!  There is nothing stopping you from making this delicious recipe as dinner too!

Have a nice meal!

Country: Nigeria

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