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How To Make Beef Pilau | Kenyan Rice Recipe

How To Make Beef Pilau | Kenyan Rice Recipe

Pilau is without a doubt a favourite Kenyan dish.  Serve it with Kachumbari (tomato cherry salsa with fresh spinach & coriander). This variation is with beef. Raisins are added for good measure. You are free to experiment too!  Pilau can be also made using chicken, lamb or goat meat.  You can get the pilau masala mix at any Indian or Afro-Caribbean store around you. Many supermarkets have it too! Enjoy your meal!


250g fresh tomatoes

3 cloves of garlic

300 g rice

600g beef

3 tablespoons cooking oil

1 medium onion

40g raisins (optional)

20g ginger

600ml Broth

50g Pilau Masala mix

  1. Pre boil the meat to make it soft (if you prefer)
  2. Add garlic when onions are softening almost brown then cook together till brown
  3. Add spices and paste before the meat
  4. When adding meat add some water (half a cup) and stir to let the meat absorb the spices
  5. Pre wash rice before starting to cook
  6. Add water and stir then add rice and stir reduce heat and let it cook

Region: East Africa
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