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We Got A YouTube Silver Award! | What Africa Web TV Is About (A Personal Introduction)

We Got A YouTube Silver Award! | What Africa Web TV Is About (A Personal Introduction)

My name is Femi Soewu, I am the creative director of Africa Web TV. This is a belated introduction and a celebration with you of 2 important milestones, a thank you and a way to share with you one of Africa Web TV’s plans going forward. On June 25, 2012, having been living in Europe for a while, I took a decision to set up a YouTube channel as my own contribution in documenting and telling the African narratives from my base in The Netherlands. Prior to that, since 1998 I had been promoting Africa through music by organising Africa Night, a purely Africa-themed music dance nights in Europe. I did that in The Netherlands, Belgium & Germany non-stop every month, sometimes thrice a month (except during The Covid period) for 24 years! In short, I was promoting Afrobeats before Afrobeats became a thing!
In the spirit of Ubuntu, I am because you are!

You will be shocked by how little Europeans and the people of the so-called western world knew and know about Africa. One would have thought with the advent of internet and search engines and access to information, that people would be better informed, but in a way it is even worse now than 30 years ago when internet started becoming widespread.

Africa Web TV was and is, my way of trying to educate people about Africa.

So without any knowledge and training in editing or camera work for that matter, but with one bachelors degree in History and another one in Social Science, I took the conscious decision to visually tell the African stories that I came across. That, is what Africa Web TV, with various degrees of success and failure, has been doing since 2012.

While I started alone, I was soon joined by like-minded people. “I” became a “We”. In the true African sense, Africa Web TV became the child of a small, caring village who have been nurturing and raising the dream ever since.

The trigger for this video is the fact that Africa Web TV recently reached 2 important milestones. One, Africa Web TV passed the threshold of 100,000 subscribers & two, the channel got verified on YouTube! And to commemorate that we passed the 100,000 subscribers threshold, YouTube has sent us this commemorative award!

But Africa Web TV could not have reached these milestones without all of you our 100,000-plus subscribers! From the bottom of my heart and on behalf of all the Africa Web TV crew past and present, I want to say a heartfelt thank you to you all! Without you, we will not be here. A set of subscribers deserve a very special mention. These are the subscribers that are also supporting this YouTube channel as members. Members are people who for a small monthly fee support the channel in return for special perks including behind the scenes access.

One major new thing we are working on going forward is the introduction of a podcast where we will dive deeper into African issues to properly deal with matters of misconceptions and misinformation.

Thank you all for making Africa Web TV one of the top 0.3% YouTube channels in the world! This silver award is for all of you! Together we will soon strike gold by reaching 1 million subscribers!

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