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Top 10 New Zimbabwean Music Videos | May 2021

Top 10 New Zimbabwean Music Videos | May 2021

These are the Top 10 New Zimbabwean music videos of May 2021.
The videos are ranked on the visuals, the artistry, the storyline, the ambiance & much more. If you are missing some hits, it is probably because of copyright issues. Our apologies!
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Intro. Silent Killer – Mulundukwa
10. Anita Jaxson – High On Your Love
9. Garry Mapanzure – Rudo (Love)
8. Baba Harare Ft. Allanah – Unofeeler Sei
7. Takura – From Time To Time
6. Jah Master – Africa
5. Trevor Dongo – Let Me Go
4. Tocky Vibes – Chikwereti
3. Poptain – Before
2. Baba Harare Ft. Mai TT – Rita
1. Kae Chaps – Huchapa

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