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Top 10 New Zimbabwean music videos | April 2021

Top 10 New Zimbabwean music videos | April 2021

These are the Top 10 New Zimbabwean music videos of April 2021.
The videos are ranked on the visuals, the artistry, the storyline, the ambiance & much more. If you are missing some hits, it is probably because of copyright issues. Our apologies!
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Intro. Likkle Art – Nhasi Haasi Mangwana
10. Tocky Vibes x Shinso – Mushenen’ene
9. Mbeu – Hauna Rudo
8. Ras Caleb – Matsom Tsom
7. Freeman HKD X Sandra Ndebele – Iparty
6. Holy Ten – Pandichamuka
5. Ishan Ft. Nutty O – Feelings
4. Gemma Ft. Chimano – Easy (Remix)
3. Tamy Moyo – Phone Call Ah
2. Bounty Lisa – Mapisarema
1. Holy Ten – Hanging Nevaskana

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