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Top 10 New African Music Videos | 10 July – 1 July 2022 | Week 28

Top 10 New African Music Videos | 10 July – 1 July 2022 | Week 28

These are the Top 10 New African Music Videos of 10 July – 1 July 2022 (Week 28). If you are missing some songs/videos, it is probably because of copyright issues. Our apologies! Please subscribe to the channel, press the bell to be the first to know when new videos are uploaded!
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Intro: Butera Knowless – Tobora (Rwanda)
10. Ghettovi Ft. Lauraa – Ghetto Love (Togo)
9. Samarino Ft. Rebo Tchulo – Epesi Pasi (D.R. Congo)
8. ELow’n Ft. Kikimoteleba – Petit Mouvement (Ivory Coast)
7. Blaq Diamond – Ilanga (South Africa)
6. Tonton Pal Ft. Binguini Bakhaga – Mot De Passe (Mali)
5. Iba One – Grand Père (Mali)
4. Goya Menor – Bounce (Nigeria)
3. Maua Sama Ft. Alikiba – Nioneshe (Tanzania)
2. Crayon – Ijo (Laba Laba) (Nigeria)
1. Mejja – Kanairo Dating (Kenya)
Bonus video: Leo Pereira – Tarrafal (Cape Verde)

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Some of these videos would have been considered but had to be left out due to copyright issues:

Burna Boy – Vanilla (Nigeria)
Mbosso Ft. Costa Titch & Phantom Steeze – Moyo (Tanzania/South Africa)
Mayorkun – Certified Loner (No Competition) (Nigeria)

Full disclosure:
A lot of music videos/songs are currently being blocked by companies representing some major artists. This as you might imagine plays big part in how our charts are being compiled. We use just 16 seconds of any given video while compiling the chart. If an artist’s music aggregator instructs YouTube to block a song, the whole of our video gets blocked! That is the present reality. The only recourse we have is to ask YouTube to mute that particular song so that the rest can be made available. That is why you might see “Song muted for copyright reasons” sooner or later with regards to a particular track. This is especially true when artists change music labels or music aggregators.

Many of the big American music labels, like Universal Records and Warner Music, have recently been snatching up African artists too. Which means that the emphasis is now more on money and more money! Anytime their music appears on our charts, the video gets blocked! Bear with us. A song that might play today could be muted tomorrow in the charts. It is either that or YouTube deletes the channel. We can’t allow that to happen! You might think that 16 seconds of video should not be a problem. But you must also understand that artists have 100% right to determine how their music creations are used. We agree and support that! So before anyone cries wolf, please understand that most of the time, the top 10 is made up of great videos that also introduce you to new artists.

Thank you for your understanding.