These are the Top 10 African Music Videos by Female Singers in March 2020.The videos are ranked on the visuals, the artistry, the storyline, the ambiance & much more. If you are missing some hits, it is probably because of copyright issues. Our apologies!

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Intro: Fena Gitu – Karibia (Kenya)
10. Marissa – Simama (Tanzania)
9. Hazel Mak – Serenade (Malawi)
8. Muthoni Drummer Queen – Power (Kenya)
7. Maureen Nantume – Masanda (Uganda)
6. Tanzanian Women All Stars – Superwoman (Tanzania)
5. Riki Maria – Julie (Cameroon)
4. Ammara Brown – Loyal (Zimbabwe)
3. Akothee – Mwììtuasa (Kenya)
2. Nikita – Better Days (Nigeria)
1. Linah – Pepea (Tanzania)

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