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The Best Of How Much do You know about Africa | The Backstage Pass

The Best Of How Much do You know about Africa | The Backstage Pass

How Much Do You Know About Africa is a series in which Africa Web TV goes to the streets to test people’s knowledge of Africa. You would be surprised at how little people still know about Africa in this age of internet and information.

The Backstage Pass is a video podcast where we take a deep dive into the makings of some of Africa Web TV’s most popular or controversial videos and explore some of the most complicated topics.
Watch all the full episodes of "How Much do You know about Africa" below

https://youtu.be/gmH2prpsczc (Taking Africa to the streets)
https://youtu.be/0nuKxErghIM (Is Wakanda A Real Country In Africa?)
https://youtu.be/u1rH9vU9IMo (What European Schools Teach Their Students About Africa)
https://youtu.be/ijKczCbEoMo (Africa is a country! | The perception of Africa)

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0:00 Intro
0:49 What language is spoken in Ethiopia?
1:01 How many countries are in Africa?
1:39 What is the capital of Zimbabwe?
2:46 What currency is used in Nigeria?
3:26 Which of these 6 countries are in Africa?
4:53 Which is the newest country in Africa?
5:47 Name 5 African countries
6:56 Africa is a country!
7:12 How many countries with the name Guinea are in Africa?
9:08 What is the capital of Nigeria?
10:45 Do you know where Namibia is?
11:03 Which of these countries are not in Africa?
11:39 What is the capital of Wakanda?
12:02 What is the film industry in Nigeria called?
12:17 What is the capital of Morocco?
12:28 Which is the most populated country in Africa?
12:44 What is the smallest country on the mainland of Africa?
13:24 The African hospitality
13:39 Name one African food
14:09 And Now This! What they teach about Africa in European schools!
14:35 Summary and outro