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PLO Lumumba | You Can Be At The Dinner Table As A Diner Or As A Waiter | Africans Must Choose

PLO Lumumba | You Can Be At The Dinner Table As A Diner Or As A Waiter | Africans Must Choose

Pan-Africanist, PLO Lumumba is a gifted orator who delivers his speeches with passion. He is not only analyses, but he also proffers African solutions to African problems. This speech from 2017 was at the Fearless2017 Summit: A Christian congress. PLO Lumumba used 3 bible verses to drive home his points:
– Book of Daniel;
– Book of 1st Kings and
– Book of Joshua
He expresses his serious concern about the leadership, ethnicity and Christianity in Africa, and the worrying trend of the so-called Gospel of prosperity. On African civilisation and the decolonisation of the the African mind he had this to say: “There are two ways of being at the dinner table of civilization; you can be at the dinner table as a diner or as a waiter. Choose you now!”
The video (https://www.youtube.com/attribution?v=wK48RrduMrw) was released under the CC licence by @RoneyNgala

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0:00 Intro
0:30 The Book of Daniel
4:06 The Book of 1st Kings
6:51 The Book of Joshua
9:14 Why is Africa punching below her weight
10:18 The Garden of Eden syndrome
11:15 The African continent has been traumatised
12:18 The colonialists changed the names of Africans
14:09 Africans have to make painful choices
15:44 Christianity must make you good
16:16 Choose to be a diner or a waiter
17:02 Some churches are casinos
18:05 How long shall you waver between 2 opinions
19:24 Before heaven come Africans must eat!
20:35 Young Africans are now going to Europe to be willing enslaved
23:10 God no longer has an opportunity to operate in white man’s land
27:50 No Christians here!
30:22 Elections are tribal alliances
32:53 The greatest insult is to vote for someone because he is from your ethnic group
36:02 God had brought the Chinese to take all we have!
36:33 Conclusion