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Introducing Exclusive Content For Members! |  Enjoy Great Perks & Benefits | Join Now

Introducing Exclusive Content For Members! | Enjoy Great Perks & Benefits | Join Now

First of all: thank you for being a part of the Africa Web TV journey. Thanks to you, Africa Web TV has been growing steadily.

In the coming period, we are expanding our coverage to bring you more self-produced, Africa-themed documentaries, items on sports, politics, food, history, entertainment, showbiz and more.

As you can imagine, video production takes a lot of resources, time and energy. Expanding to cover more areas is going to be even more demanding. So we are asking you to support us by considering joining the channel as a member. When you support us by becoming a member, YouTube gives us a percentage of your membership fee to help us make more quality videos.

Let’s emphasise this; everyone who is a subscriber will have the same public access to our videos as before. Becoming a member only means 1, you are actively supporting, sponsoring and helping us to fund some of our efforts as we seek to expand our coverage. And 2, you get extra perks and benefits as a mark of appreciation for your support. You can also cancel your membership at any time while still staying as a subscriber!

How can you become a member?
You become a member by clicking on the JOIN button and choosing which of the membership levels that best suits you!

These are some of the perks and benefits of becoming a member.

➡️ You will receive a special badge that will show everyone you are a supporter when you leave a comment on the channel.

➡️ You will be consulted on a regular basis to make Africa Web TV items suggestions.

➡️ You get early access to many regular videos before they go on general public release.
➡️ Africa Web TV will give you a shout out in some videos!

➡️ You get first access to behind the scenes videos before they are released to the general public!

➡️ You get to watch exclusively, members-only raw footage of never released videos and extended versions of some released videos.

In other words, membership gives you all the benefits every subscriber has and more! We hope you will consider joining us on this new and exciting next chapter. Together, we will continue to change the African Narrative frame by frame, one video at a time.

Thank you!


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