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Mouvman Ale

1 maart, 21:00

Mouvman Alé, a vibrant quartet from the enchanting Réunion, takes you on a musical journey like no other! Led by the charismatic singer-songwriter Franswa Virassamy-Macé, they deliver a mesmerizing blend of psychrock, pop, traditional Réunion rhythms, and electronic vibes that will resonate with your soul.

The group describes their sound as “romans non-galizé rényoné” in their Creole language, signifying unpolished, slightly experimental songs reflecting the authentic spirit of Réunion. Franswa’s lyrics transport you to the intense energy of island life, where encounters, landscapes, and mysteries converge into a captivating symphony.

Since 2018, Mouvman Alé has evolved into a tight-knit, energetic ensemble with three talented new members, with Franswa shining at the center. Let yourself be enchanted by Benjamin Reboll’s electronic sounds, Baptiste Clément’s masterful guitar and bass, and Loïc Médoc-Elma’s immersive percussion.


1 maart
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