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Easy way to prepare Fufu/Sadza/Ugali/Banku

Easy way to prepare Fufu/Sadza/Ugali/Banku

Specially made for our non-African spouses and some of our children not raised in Africa but want to learn how to make this simple but common African food. All you need is a good wrist! Please note, all of these (Fufu, Sadza, Ugali, Banku etc) come in different shapes, names and ingredients in different countries and regions. This tutorial is merely to show you the basic way to prepare any of those. Don’t forget to serve it with your favourite African soup/sauce.

2 cups of water
1 cup of semolina

Let the water boil and gently sprinkle the semolina and stir clockwise & anti-clockwise. Slowly you will feel it hardening.
Smooth any lumps by pressing them against the pan. Add more semolina if necessary to achieve the desired hardness.
In low heat, keep turning & stirring till smooth & hard as wished.
Your food is ready. Enjoy with your soup of choice!
Bon appetit!

Region: Sub-Sahara Africa

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