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Changes Are Coming To Top 10 African Videos!

Changes Are Coming To Top 10 African Videos!

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Changes are coming to the channel.

This channel (though registered much earlier) came to life during the COVID pandemic when many were forced to stay/work at home. That meant, with a lot of time on our hands, we were able to provide you with the Top 10 African music video chart every week since Week 23 of 2020. In addition, we provide a monthly Top 10 music video chart for some countries at the end of every month. The COVID pandemic is over now and we’ve had to combine about 40 hours of monitoring new video releases every week with our full time day jobs.

It is proving difficult to sustain.

So after 3 years, we are going to tweak the Top 10 African music video chart a bit. Starting from Week 23 of 2023, we will be bringing you a monthly Top 10 African music video chart of as much countries as we legally and (copyright punishment-free) can. This means we will expand the number of African countries from which we bring you a monthly Top 10 music video charts. The weekly charts will be retired! On the other hand, we will also try and attend as many African music concerts as possible to bring you more live music!

Also moving forward, expect other Top 10 Africa-themed charts on other random subjects like sports, politics, history etc. doing justice to the name of the channel, Top 10 African Videos.

We would like to thank all our subscribers for supporting the channel in the past 3 years. We hope you will continue to support us with your words and deeds. You are invited to become members of the channel by pressing the JOIN button on the video or the link in the description! As thanks, members get first preview of some videos and behind the scenes pictures too. If enough of our over 20,000 subscribers become members for as little as a monthly token of €2.99 to €9.99, we can expand the focus of the channel, bring you interviews with African artists, entertainers and influencers.

Thank you!


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