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Ask A Friend in Nigeria | Covid-19 Calls | Dr. Kemi Alegi

Ask A Friend in Nigeria | Covid-19 Calls | Dr. Kemi Alegi

Ask a Friend is a way of finding out what is happening in Africa and the rest of the world during the current Covid-19 pandemic. What is the situation in Nigeria as we speak? Who better to call than a government medical doctor in Lagos, Dr. Kemi Alegi to give us her perspective on the situation in Nigeria.

Dr. Alegi discusses the Covid-19 pandemic, how the government of Nigeria is tackling the problem, what effect it is having on the general public and how ordinary Nigerians are reacting to the current lockdown. Her song tip is Timi Dakolo – Great Nation (Nigeria) https://youtu.be/Y2OhlyXx3kE All the song tips from the various guests in this series will be compiled into a playlist that can be found on our YouTube channel.

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