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Momi Maiga

10/12/2023, 20:30

Young kora virtuoso blends traditions from Senegal with jazz, afrobeat and flamenco.

Now in his mid-twenties, Momi Maiga is already being recognized as a virtuoso on kora, the West-African harp. On top of that he’s revered for his vocal fluency and his musical sensitivity as a self-taught composer. In Senegal he grew up in a family of griots, who have been the storytellers and patron saints of culture for centuries. In his own band he integrates increasingly more influences from his current habitat Catalonia, such as flamenco and jazz.

Momi Maiga sings in Mandinka and Wolof, the languages that are closest to him. On his debut album Nio, which means ‘soul’ in Mandinka, he fuses all kinds of cultures, not in the least those of his band members: the classically trained Mexican violinist and singer Carlos Montfort; cellist and singer Marçal Ayats; and Catalunyan drummer and percussionist Aleix Tobias. Expect poetry, breathtaking virtuosity and a positive message.


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