Afrikaanse Recepten en Keuken

Afrikaanse Recepten en Keuken

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Afrikaanse Keuken

Ontdek de Afrikaanse keuken!

Afrikaanse recepten

De nieuwste recepten

Mafé (Kip Met Pindasaus)

2 kippen 4 tomaten 1 witte kool 4 zoete aardappelen 6 - 8 worteltjes 8 okra’s 2 uien, fijngehakt 250 g pindakaas Heet water 2...
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Coconut Rice (Kokosrijst)

1 kokosnoot of 100 g kokospoeder 200 g rijst 1 ui, fijngehakt 1 chilipeper, fijngehakt Maak de kokosnoot open en rasp de helft van het...
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Domoda (Pikante Kipschotel)

2 middelgrote uien,fijngehakt 3 middelgrote tomaten,kleingesneden 1 theelepel zwarte peper 1½ theelepel zout 2 theelepels chilipoeder, of 4 verse chilipepers 1 kilo kip, in stukken,...
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Moin-Moin Met Rivierkreeft

500 g black-eyedbeans, gepeld 1 grote ui 2 verse tomaten zout naar smaak 2 eetlepels gemalen rivierkreeft 2 theelepels chilipoeder 2 eetlepels tomatenpuree 1 dl...
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Efo (Spinazieschotel)

Ingrediënten 500 g magere runder-, lams- of varkenslappen, in dobbelsteentjes gesneden 1 grote ui, fijngehakt 4 eetlepels plantaardige olie 500 g rijpe tomaten,zeer fijngehakt of...
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Waakye is een Ghanese gerecht van gekookte rijst en bonen. Het wordt gekookt op verschillende manier zonder extra specerijen en kruiden. De rijst wordt gekookt...
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Yam fufu (Yam puree)

2,5 kg yam Schil de yam, spoel ze af onder de koude kraan, snijd ze in plakken en zet ze op met 1 liter water...
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Zalabia (Beignets In Siroop Uit Egypte)

DEEG 500 g bloem ½ liter lauw water[of half water, half melk] 15 g verse gist of 7 gedroogde gist 1 theelepel suiker   SUIKERSTROOP...
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Red Red (Felrode Kookbananen)

Felrode kookbananen zijn bijzonder lekker bij bonenschotels. 4 rijpe kookbananen palmolie  Snijd de kookbananen schuin in vier stukken. Leg deze gedurende 5 minuten in zoutwater....
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Recipes in English

African recipes in English

Liberian Rice Bread no. 1

This rice bread is the typical recipe used by Liberians. It is not too sweet, can be used as a coffee cake or as a...
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Pondu (also called Saka-saka) is a Congolese dish made from cassava leaves. Central African people seem to be unique in their consumption of cassava leaves,...
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Peanut Chicken

1 chicken or slivered chicken breasts 3 onions 6 carrots 1 green cabbage ½ tin of peeled tomatoes 1 spoon of tomato concentrate 1 Maggi...
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Mafé (Peanut Butter Stew)

Mafé is a Senegalese classic. It is also an entrant into the peanut stew sweepstakes that could be held for dishes from all over the...
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Bogobe (Stiff Porridge)

300 g coarsely ground sorghum meal 30 g starter (sorghum meal fermented in water for 48 hours) 1500 to 1800 ml water For fermented Bogobe...
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Garden Egg Sauce/Stew (Egg Plant Sauce)

Garden egg sauce or eggplant sauce is a very simple delicious stew that can be fixed within 15 minutes. This is commonly made with boiled...
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Yam Stew

1 medium yam 4 carrots 1 cup cooked beans 1 tsp curry powder 2 onions 1/2 tsp salt 2 cups water 1 tablespoon fat Wash...
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10 to 20 matoke (green cooking bananas) Plantains may be used 5 to 7 cups water, depending on the quantity of bananas Peel the bananas...
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Jollof Rice And Chicken Stew

Ingredients 1 oven-ready chicken,weighing about 1.8 kg / 4 lb, cut into 8 portions 1 large garlic clove,crushed 3 tbsp sunflower oil 1 medium onion,...
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Waakye is a Ghanaian dish of cooked rice and beans. It is cooked using many of the methods without additional spices and herbs. The rice...
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Zambian Fried Plantains

4 plantains (or green bananas) 2 tablespoons lemon juice peanut oil black pepper Cut the bananas into slices and cover with lemon juice. Cook the...
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Mombasa Coffee

Coffee, which is grown in many parts of Africa, is considerably spiced up in Kenya. This version can also be prepared by adding the cardamom,...
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